Where Have I Been You Ask? Where Will This Site Go?Learning Autodesk Fusion 360. Please Read!

I have been working to learn a new 3D programming software called Autodesk Fusion 360. My college learning was not much good as I have talked about in other posts. I couldn’t afford or find the time to go to college at a campus so I had to go online. What a waste of time and money! I didn’t learn a major and a minor. To be honest I didn’t learn enough to get a job! So I am studying on my own and trying to work in my website knowledge to make a living.

While I am not good at selling myself or services I decided to hold off on developing websites for people until I get out of the Group Home I am in. I have a mental illness and I ended up in a group home and they told me that I can’t work while I am in here after I sent out about 30 letters asking to do website development work for people. Okay so I decided to learn more and my minor study is CNC programming. I found a site that teaches CNC programming for free! Academy.titansofcnc.com is a great learning step to learn CAD, CAM, and CNC programming so you should try it out.

So I have not sent anymore letters out to request to do website design and development for people but I have been busy learning more skills. I have been pricing desktop CNC machines and 3D printers which I plan to get as soon as I get out. Once I do I will put the things I make on a website and keep you up to date. Have a blessed week!

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