Another Elenco Product for Electronics Study. The Maxitronix Electronic LAB 300in1 for ages 10 and up!

Okay, so I was looking for something to blog about in the lines of learning more about computer science and electronics. I have been posting about the Elenco Snap Circuits which is a safe way for kids to get in the study of electronic engineering. But what does Elenco do for adults or even teenagers wanting to get into the trade? They have the Maxitronix kits on the market. The Maxitronix kits offer electronic engineering know-how without needing to program.

I went online and bought a Elenco Maxtronics kit from someone on eBay. I miss read the semantics and wire my first project wrong which drained the batteries down. I didn’t follow the directions and started on Project 2 so that I could listen to the AM radio. So I went back and tried Project 1. It worked and I was happy with that.

After I mastered Project 1, I went back and tried to do Project 2. I could hear something but there was barely enough sound to know the words to the song I was hearing. I will go back and start the project series over once I get new batteries.

I suggest first and foremost, if you buy any Elenco Kit, you follow the directions and start with Project 1-6 in order. Second, the Maxtronix kit I bought, I don’t think they make anymore. As I said I bought mine on eBay and I can’t be for certain that it works correctly. While most of the parts were in the original packaging I am not sure yet that it all works.

However there are other Maxtronix kits that can be bought on Amazon and even the website. If you are looking to get into Electronic engineering, understanding the electronic chips and programming all at once is hard to handle. I suggest investing in a Maxitronix kit to start your study into the career of your future. Just to get off on the right foot.

No, I am not getting commission for sales from Elenco nor do I work for them. I just like the products that really put you in the middle of working on your future. They have these kits on the market and I can’t help but wish I had things like that when I was growing up.

Make sure that you don’t read the semantic wrong and miswire the projects! I overheated the batteries right off the bat causing the batteries damage. While I learn from my mistakes I ask that you also learn from mine and listen to my advice. This will make your learning experience better and add to your knowledge base more efficient.

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