Autodesk Fusion 360: What is the best way to learn the software? What are you working on now?

I have not posted lately and I do apologize. I had a week with my mom and in that week I was working on my website Pictures With Passion. I had to get a post up with new screen shots that show it’s Vendors how to upload pictures to sale. I have 4-5 artists with pictures up for sale and the website needs more artists, photos, and sales. But that will take some time and money that I can’t spend right now.

As for the art on Pictures With Passion, I posted a picture I did in Fusion 360 of a automotive wheel without the tire. It was mainly because it was the only picture I had. I guess I just have my hand in too many projects right now. What to do when you don’t have the income to run your projects? You start learning Autodesk Fusion 360! Why? Because you can go into many different fields of study and use those skills.

So where is the best online classes for Fusion 360? Do you want free or paid classes? So tonight I start my free course through Autodesk Academy. I will let you know how it goes. Udemy has a few free and many paid courses to learn Fusion 360. I will be checking that out as well. One of my favorites to turn to is YouTube. I have watched many of Lars Christensen’s fusion 360 for beginners. He has a great portfolio on his website and even works for Autodesk so I think he speaks for himself well.

I will leave you with Lars as the turn to for now to learn Autodesk Fusion 360 and link you to his YouTube page. I will be back in a few weeks and let you know how some of the others courses are and if they are worth it. I have been working with fusion 360 for about a year now but there is so much to learn. Also I am not doing well with the group home about learning. I have to use a staff computer now and that is just an hour a day. It sucks!

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