Benefits of Having Your Own Website

What are the benefits of having your own business website?

I have been marketing to businesses that do not have a very good online marketing presents. Why you may ask? Because if you can’t be found online these days, you just will not be found. Say you have a business but no website to let people ‘browse your ad.’ If people do not know what you do from looking you up online you don’t get much business because someone else has that ad up.

Take my website here. You see I run a blog, I develop and market websites and you have my contact info. I have not put enough time into my website in my eyes but that is because I am absent minded when it comes to my own business. But as far as a website purpose you can find how to contact me and most of the work I do for others.

Why does a website cost so much?

A website develop firm will charge you a development fee $1200 – $2000 and there is usually a monthly fee. I charge anywhere from $850 -$1025 because I am just starting out and I need the references even at the cost of a few hundred dollars. Why? I have another income right now that I live off. Also because I am looking for those clients that I can help the most and usually they do not have that much money to put into making money through online advertising like websites.

Websites cost money to host(keep online for people to see). They also have to have a URL(Uniform Resource Locator), which is the address used to locate the website. There are other costs included in my price that are needed. You will need a SSL certificate which changes your website to HTTPS://. Having a secure website is a new Google ranking mark. If you do not have the SSL certificate you will not have a highly ranked website which means it will be hard to find your website.

When you register a website URL you need to pay the extra money to hide your contact information. If you don’t, you will get all kinds of emails and calls from people that are trying to sell you services you probably do not want or have already received.

What Else to Know About Website Cost?

There are development costs that come with the price of a website for a reason. I have went to college for 3.5 years and spent over $3000 on my own books and counting to know what to do with websites. Most of the knowledge needed to develop websites is not included in your college education! I believe in earning that back over time and not up front on the first sale. That is the God loving person in me. Also I know what it is like to run your own business and not be able to afford the higher prices. I have also seen where the higher prices didn’t give the best service either.

If you are interested in myself developing a website for you then contact me and we can discuss your needs. While some people will want to sell you on a higher price for flashy graphics that make the website look great, I want it to sell your services and make you money. I look at websites all the time but some of those websites are hard to find information on and people just leave the site looking elsewhere.

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