Do You Know How to Replace A Laptop Screen? Tips and Tricks to Learn the Trade! Replacing a Acer Aspire E5-576 Model N16Q2 Laptop Screen.

Recently I came into an Acer Aspire e5-576 Model N1602 that has a cracked screen. I have replaced laptop screens before and I understand the process so I will tell you the tips and tricks I use. I will not being actually going through the process and taking pictures because my part has not arrived yet.

As with any part you replace on a laptop or desktop you need to get the brand make and model numbers usually found on the back of laptops. On mine, I found that it is an Acer Aspire e5-576 with the model number of N1602. Now this may not be all the information you need. With this Acer, I ordered the replacement screen through Bliss Computer. I usually try to find my parts on eBay but they didn’t have the screen. To find my part, I did a Google search and come across Bliss Computer due to them actually having the part and the price I was happy with.

Bliss Computer emailed me after I made my order to make sure that I ordered the right part. They needed the Serial Number and SSID number off the back of the computer. Apparently this computer also comes with a touchscreen. Thankfully I ordered the right part and got the screen that was not a touchscreen. Bliss Computer told me that if they needed any more information they would call me. Otherwise the part will just arrive.

If you have never replaced a screen on a laptop before, then you will want to look on YouTube for a tutorial. Even if you have replaced one, remember that the design changes even between model numbers and it is best to find a video for your make and model number. YouTube is good for many kinds of repairs. I especially use them when working on an iPhone. Below is the correct video for disassembly of the laptop I am going to be working on. I did tell the wrong model number. It is N16Q2. Watch the video to see where the hidden screws are and they way you don’t break anything.

Remember these tips and you will not go wrong. Thank you and have a Blessed Week! Just remember that it is best to buy you a Computer Repair Tool Kit because many things you need come in them.

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