Facebook Messenger Dating Scams. Can Love Be Found in All of It?

Have you ever joined Facebook, or Meta now, Messenger and had random people say hi and work up to I need money? There are scammers asking for you to join CashApp and Coinbase to help them or for them to share funds from a check with you. Their is a number of these accounts and I am not so sure some are not ‘bots’ or Artificial Intelligence (AI) computer programs collecting money for Russia or some other country that is against the United States Elected Officials claiming we stand for this or that while they do this or that.

I have advised that the Federal Government should look into this money and how much is leaving the country to destroy us. I am former US military and as a strategy this can and is happening. In some cases we are and can be chatting with and getting sex pics from victims of sex trafficking. Be careful how you treat them and how much?

The main point of this Blog Post is for you to know the scams and be aware of what could be on the other side. If they ask for a Steam Gift Card and say it is to buy food or gas you know it isn’t right. Steam Game Gift Cards can only be used online to purchase game time at Steam.com. Be safe and Blessed!

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