For Sale Selling A Website on eBay.

As I mentioned before I am selling my website on eBay. I have had the website for about a year and my niece for whom I made it, never used it. In this blog post I will tell some of the flaws in my selling on eBay, things that are working for me, and things I have learned. I will let you know I have only sold one thing on eBay and that was an iPhone 4S that I replaced the screen on. I am new to selling on eBay that is for sure.

Okay so when I made the website Pictures With Passion I made it for my niece who was taking Photography in one of her home school classes. She seemed, when I started to, be convinced to want to advertise and sell her work. But as time went on and I had the website up, she lost interest. What is it with kids these days? Anyway, I didn’t have anyone to help tell me what was wrong with the website. I was on my own having to login as admin to make changes then logout and log back in as a vendor in another account to test the site.

About three weeks into creating the website, I gave up and left it until my niece took interest. That never happened. So when I went to sell the website, I had forgotten to finish the website, so I went ahead and listed it on eBay. That may have cost me the sale. I looked on the website for the Admin panel and saw that people were trying to log into the website and couldn’t, tried to buy, and couldn’t, and different things I didn’t get right to begin with. So I took the website off eBay and began fixing the errors.

After I got all the errors fixed I relisted the website with no one following the sale as before. I admit I raised the price but like I always do, I didn’t think too much about how to write up the sales pitch. I didn’t take the time to make the links work. It stayed up for the duration of the sale, seven days. It not only didn’t sell, I had less views, and no followers for the sale. I waited until the sale was down to 30 minutes and began to do my best to write more to explain exactly what the buyer is getting plus how I will hand it over.

Then after I relisted it I began to look into how to make the website links work inside the eBay ad. I just hope that I have it to where they realise what exactly they are getting. I am selling a Website Domain name URL which is, a value I put at $12.50 a year, a year of shared website hosting with, a $70 value, and SSL certificate that makes the website HTTPS secure, a $19 value. All this, The hosting package, the SSL certificate and the URL transfer is a $112 value. I only have the website for sale at $155 starting bid and $390 buy it now. I am hoping it sells.

What I have not mentioned on the ad is that the URL is a short memorable URL. Those are running out. Have you noticed that they keep coming out with things like, .club. .internet, and .computer even. I think the price is fair. I have submitted the website to the search engines so the search engine bots crawl the pages indexing it. I have some traffic going to it with a LSN ad and I talk about the website on my blog here and on No I haven’t paid for traffic to the website but it is still a fair deal.

I have noticed that I have up to nine subscribers for my blog here. I want to take this time to say thank you and God bless you all. It is for you that I want to keep blogging and sharing the things that I know and learn in the Information Technology field of study. If any of you have an idea or questions you want answered, I will do my best. Comment or fill out the contact form to send me what you would like to hear about. As I said I will do my best to research and inform you. Have a peaceful week and Bless you all!

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