How Do You Set Up Your Website On In The Cloud Company Hosting? This is the Post for You.

I have never been one for beating around the bush. I usually just jump into it so here goes everything. At In the Cloud Company Hosting in order to put up your first website you will need to login. That will be at Https://

Setting Up your Website

That will take you to your account if you have made one. I have not paid for a package from In The Cloud Company Hosting since the website design change so I will have to set one up and explain the steps to pay for your account and setup later. Right now I am going to assume that you have paid for the account and are logging in okay. So when you login you come to the homepage of your account:

Setting Up your website

Your account page will look similar to the one above. I have erased out information from my account for protection. Here are the steps that we have to make to set up your website. First you have to create a domain. Next you need to install WordPress or your choice application into the www folder for hosting the website. I will use WordPress. While you are installing the WordPress platform you can create the database.

Creating Your Domain

In the navigation bar above, Domains is the first button. You may have created a domain when you created your account. Either way click the Domains button and you will get the drop down menu like this:

Creating a Domain

Then you will want to click on the link Hosted Domains:

Creating a Domain

If you chose your domain and paid for it already just read and take no action here. As you can see on the right of this picture above you can click the button to make a Host Domain or Create a Subdomain. Again if you have your domain already I will show you how to set up a subdomain later. There is no need to create a Host Domain here. We want to create a Host Domain which is the top button. You should get this picture below when you click Host Domain:

Creating a Domain

As you can see I tried to pick a domain that no one would use, I don’t plan to use this URL or Domain but I used it to show you where to type in your requested URL or Domain. After you choose your domain click Add a Host at the bottom of the pop up window marked with the black arrow. The window will close and you can scroll to the bottom of the page and see your domain listed. I have the Professional Cloud Hosting Package where I have other domains created so you can see my other domains with it in the next picture.

Creating a domain

Now you see the domain in the list with my other domains. While this link will not work I will show you how to set it up to where it would.

How to Create a Subdomain

I told you I would show you how to set up a subdomain. We will do that now. You click the Subdomain Button under Hosted Domain.

Creating a Subdomain

When you click the button you will come to a similar pop up window that you got when you created a Domain.

Creating a Subdomain

Your subdomain extension will be different than mine. It will be the default or you can use the drop down to choose one of your domains as your extension as I did. As the first I have chosen Blender because I want to create a site that you can sale Blender 3D files and other 3D software files on. When you have your name and choice made click the Add a Host button. The window will disappear and if you have not chosen another subdomain name then you will be able to scroll down to the domain list. You can click the arrow next to the domain you created your subdomain in and see something like this.

Creating a subdomain

Using the Installer to install WordPress

Here we want to go back up to the navigation bar at the top of the page and choose Installer which is the 5th over from the left.

Installing WordPress

As you can see in the picture above you need to click on Installer and go to Applications Installer which is in the second item down in the drop down menu. Click it and you will get the following screen:

Installing WordPress

Here if you love WordPress like I do you will use it as much as I do. Click on the WordPress picture or your choice application. As I said I use WordPress. Then click the Install button that comes up over the WordPress picture.

Installing WordPress

In the list in the picture above you can see I have erased out some of my domains for safety. If this is your first domain to install then you will not have to look through this list because you will not have a list. I made this screen shot before I created the subdomain. Choose your domain and get ready to move on to the next step.

Installing WordPress

Next to the arrow above the In directory will have WordPress in the text field. You do not want to install your application in the WordPress directory because your website will show up in a folder and not work right. So erase the word WordPress from the text field and leave it blank. You will have something in Admin User which I erased mine out for security. Never share this information with anyone. Enter your Admin Password.

The Admin mail will be the email you set up your account with which you can change if you want. I would change Weblog Title to something meaningful to your website and change the database prefix for security. You will only have a few databases you can use. To store more than one website on a database you use different database prefixes here. For security do not use the default.

This is the rest of the form. When you change the Database prefix you can chose the Automatic Database Creation if you are setting up your first website.

Setting Up WordPress

After you install WordPress as shown above you will get this screen.

Set up WordPress Picture 1

I erased some information for my security. Now you are ready to set up WordPress. Click the button Visit Admin Area:

Set up WordPress Picture 2

In this screen shot I erased my email but this is where you confirm your administration email. Click the blue button. That will take you to the WordPress Dashboard and you are set to create your website or blog. I will not show you how to set up a WordPress website in this post but you now have something to work with. That is great you do good!

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