How to Change Your Debit Card or Credit Card linked to Your Amazon Account

Okay so you don’t know how to change your payment method or debit card on Amazon. I will make sure this blog post will explain that for you. After you login, go to Accounts and Lists at the top like where you sign in and sign out. Then go to the first choice in the drop down menu Accounts:

The closeup looks like this:

Click it and you will go to the Accounts page. From there you will go to the bottom of the page and look for Payment Options:

When you get to the bottom of the ‘Your Account’ page look under ‘Ordering and shopping preferences’ at the second option in the menu which is ‘Payment Options’:

After you click the Payment Options link you will be in ‘Your Amazon Wallet’:

Go to near the bottom of the page to Add a New Payment Method. You will have to scroll the screen down some more until you see the text in the following screen shot:

When you get to ‘Credit or Debit Cards’ you click on ‘Add a Card’ which is shown as a blue link. Then you will get the screen below where you add your debit card or credit card information.

Many people like to use a 1000 word posts and I am usually not one of those people. I like to teach in micro blogs and get the point across because usually when you want technology advice you are in a hurry and need to do something right then. Thank you for visiting my blog and come back anytime. I will be getting information up as I can in different categories of lessons.

It is becoming a full time job and I am not making any money as of right now off the blog. I just got subdomain up and I have to get the URL pointed at my subdomain. A subdomain is where you create a website under another main domain. Much like you have where you get a free website or blog site from

I will get into that more in another post on this blog but for now just know that I have the blog, the picture selling site, and I just started marketing my Website Hosting and Server Rental site So please bare with me as I get things going in the little time that I have.

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