How to Create a Blog Post on WordPress Websites With Text, Images, and Embedded Video Links

Okay so you decided to run your blog or website with WordPress. Great choice! Now you need to know what to do to post that blog post. I am here to help you. Login to your WordPress website or blog. You will see this page:

Dashboard page in WordPress
First page you see when you login to WordPress

There are two ways to get to the page where you can write a blog post. One is the posts link in the dashboard and the other is the new tab in the top tool bar.

Add blog posts buttons in WordPress

Let’s go with the new tab in the top tool bar. Hoover over the word +New and go to Post which means create a new blog post.

When you click the Post link above you will get the following page.

Add Blog Post Page in WordPress
Add title to Blog Post in WordPress

When you get here you will see the section to add your title. I will not be getting into the Yoast plugin and SEO keywords in this post but you want to make your title memorable and search friendly. Add your title and then click in the area where the text is below that next to the plus sign. There you can add your text paragraph or click the plus sign below it to add a picture. This plus sign will take you to add a YouTube video as well. We will get to that later.

Once you finish a paragraph press enter to get a new paragraph block. After you add your title and a few paragraphs it should look like this:

A sample blog post in WordPress Gutenberg Blocks

Adding an Image to Your Blog Post In WordPress

If you want to add a picture you will need to click the image icon on the right of the Block as shown below.

Add Image icon in WordPress Gutenberg Blocks

When you click the image icon you will be shown the following:

Add Image in Gutenberg Blocks in WordPress

If you are looking for a picture you have on your computer use Upload. If you have already uploaded the picture then use Media Library.

Add a YouTube Video URL to Your Post

Add Gutenberg Block in  WordPress

As you can see in the picture above there is a plus sign where you can add other blocks that help fill out your blog. Here we are going to add a YouTube video with this block so that you can learn how. Click the plus sign as in the picture above. You will see the picture below:

WordPress Gutenberg Block

Scroll down and you will see Embeds. This is where you will find the embed button to add a YouTube video.

WordPress Embeds Block

Now click the Embeds arrow and open the section and you should find YouTube right at the top.

WordPress YouTube Block

Now that you know where to find the YouTube video link button, let’s put it to use. When you click the YouTube icon you get the following screen:

Picture of WordPress YouTube link Text box

Next you will need to paste your video URL into the blue text box as shown above. And that is it. You can download this tutorial below for easier access. It is a PDF file that will open in your browser even offline.

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