I Have Listed my Pictures With Passion Website for Sale on eBay!

I am selling one of my WordPress websites on eBay. I have it listed buy now at $390 and that is well worth it! Pictures With Passion is a website that I designed for my niece to sell her pictures on the internet. I have had it up for almost a year and she hasn’t listed anything on it. I am not able to populate it with pictures and it is time to get rid of it.

I wish I could invest more time and money into it as the URL domain name www.pictureswithpassion.com is a great URL name to catch customers. It could be used for regular pictures or intimate pictures either one. I have installed WordPress plugins to have memberships and even keep people from right clicking and downloading the pictures for free!

You can check out the listing on eBay by following this link to Pictures With Passion on eBay I could not list a picture of the front on the website on eBay which may cost a sell or two but that is something else I can’t do online right now. That is why I am selling it. I have had about 1200 visits this year and I only have advertised on my blog and business cards. That also includes the crawler bots that index new listings. It has been submitted to the search engines and is live and ready to go!

I have it hosted and can provide hosting plus take care of the URL payments as long as needed for $100 a year until the bandwidth increases to where I have to put the hosting in it’s own hosting package. Thank you for your time and I will let you know how it goes. This is a new experience for me and something to blog about!

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