Not for Sale: Why? Because I Found a Way to Get Artists to the Website!

While most of the time I am on course, I can’t say that I always am. I put the website , I site to sell artwork and photography on, up for sale on eBay. But now I want to keep it. I told in my last blog post that I didn’t have the time or funds to take care of it, run this blog, and my web hosting business, In the Cloud Company Web Hosting at The Lord has blessed me with a way to keep it and get the word out to artists so they can populate the website with art! That was the main problem. I didn’t know how to get artists to the site without breaking the bank. But amazing enough, that has changed!

Last night, I placed an ad on the employment website and within hours, I had an inbox full of applications for freelance photographers. So when I got up this morning I removed the ad on eBay and began writing responses to all the email I received. Some people have already joined. After all as I have said before, I believe that the website is going places!

I also placed an ad on to advertise my web hosting business, In the Cloud Company Web Hosting, to web developers and designers. I have spent the morning and last night informing and replying to people about So what does that mean for In the Cloud Company Web Hosting and Pictures With Passion? It means they are becoming one step closer to being household names for people looking for their services.

Whether you are a well known or unknown photographer looking to make a passive income from your work and passion, I encourage you to become a Vendor on Pictures With Passion. Your artwork is copyright protected and is prevented from having people right clicking and making a copy of your work. You will make 80% of the sale price you set it at on the website paid through PayPal. It is required that you have a PayPal account to get paid.

Believe me, this website is going places! While Pictures With Passion is a young website and is barely populated with artwork as of March 12th, 2021, It is taking off right now. It will not be bare for long, that is my intent and promise to you all. I don’t know of another photography website that offers a bigger percentage of the sale price to the artist. If you are wondering about the other 20% charged on each sell, it goes to website upkeep and advertising.

Currently I am looking into newspaper ads, web blogs like this one, and I have the website URL on my business cards. Also I would like to mention that I advertise it in my sales pitch to the freelance web designers that I am selling hosting packages too. That way the new content will be viewed by web designers looking for new content for their websites and clients. I am looking into ways to get traffic to the website so the artists can make money. As artists, I ask that you spread the word and you have my permission to use the URL domain name on business cards and resumes. First and foremost, I am working the best I can to populate the site with art because as of this morning there was nothing to sell except my cruddy artwork. Okay, it isn’t that bad, but I am far from making a big sell. It is just filler artwork to me.

If you are a freelance web developer looking to rule your own world, go to and purchase a web hosting package with the idea in mind that you are going to start your own web design business where you host and manage websites for your clients. If you know how to develop websites, learn to market yourself and learn how to market your clients. Pay $160 a year and get the Webmaster’s package, sell yourself as the BEST person to manage their website, and charge $25 to manage and host the website each month. After all, you designed the website, you are the best choice to manage it and keep it up to date.

After you score eight websites to design and manage, you have paid your year of hosting in a month of managing your client’s websites. The rest is money in the pocket! Net Profit, money in the pocket! It is that easy to pay your expenses and put money into your other bills. It is that easy to be self employed and work at your own pace to pay the bills and live your life, your way. Also, if you are a freelance web developer I encourage you to check out for photos and artwork you can use on your websites. It is, like I said, a new website that I came up with and I am asking people to populate it with art now. Photographers and artists are coming!

For all the followers I have on this blog and those that have stumbled on it, thank you for your time and patience. I am doing my best to run these three websites at once, keep all you informed, and I can only pray that it will get easier! If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please go to the contact page and submit your input. Ask and/or tell me whatever you think and I will get back to you as soon as I can in a timely manner. Have a Blessed Week and remember, life is what you make it!

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