Serious About Vlogging, Live Streaming, or Recording for Online Video Posts and Classes? Bare Minimum Equipment to Provide Excellent Quality Video for Under $300!

In my last post I talked about Vlogging and Podcasting equipment for under $200. If you are signed up for my newsletter, then you know that I have been reading books about teaching online. I have also started writing a new book that will serve as a guideline for the Udemy course I plan on teaching. This post is about spending a little more because you will be filming you. I want to make a different camcorder recommendation and add to the equipment list of purchases.

Honestly, I never recorded myself in a video to put on the internet. In some of the books I have read to learn good techniques for video on Udemy, there is a lot of thought that should be put into your video quality. That is a no-brainer! But doing it post Covid-19 and doing it cheap is the goal. If you can invest in your online presents for teaching, preaching, or even online live game streaming, can it be done under $300? Yes, it can!

In my last blog post I was looking at the cheapest route to take. In this post, I am going to suggest a slightly more expensive camcorder, a background support system, and give the highlights of the tripod that Amazon recommends when you purchase the camcorder. One thing that will not change from the last post is the software from Cyberlink recommendation for live streaming, editing, and computer screen capture or recording. And yes, all this is under $300 providing you use the microphone from the camcorder.

In my last blog post I suggested a camcorder for about $98. Even though it has night vision and a remote control, it is only 30fps(frames per second).

 I don’t know much about camcorders and have never owned one but I found the same type of camcorder type for $150 that has 60fps. I understand the tech talk a little so I know that 60 frames per second is better than 30 frames per second. I will be going with 60fps when I purchase. But shop around and look at your own budget. You may find something better. 

As for the camcorder for $150, there is even a free app you can download to use your tablet or smartphone to control the camcorder. With the ‘RoadCam’ app you can even set up and download files to your smartphone or other device to go live according to the description. But, as with many descriptions on Amazon, it says 60fps in one place and 30fps in another. You can tell that the person writing the description doesn’t speak English as their first language. But the same ‘RoadCam’ app works with the $98 camcorder so I am assuming that this is a 60fps camcorder. 

While I am writing about camcorders, I want to show you the suggested Tripod to purchase on Amazon. It is a 50 inch tripod that will collapse down to also allow video while sitting on your desk or workbench at 16.5 inches tall. It has a 3-way head which tilts and even swivels. Plus it comes with a storage bag all for only $16.06!

As I mentioned earlier, I have been studying and reading books on teaching online courses. Well, something stuck with me and I want to share it with you. When you are filming a live stream or recorded video, your background setting can be distracting to your audience. After thinking about it, I had to agree. I often watch YouTube and sometimes miss out on what the person in the video is saying because I am looking around trying to identify what I see around them in the background. Whether it is to see what equipment they have to use or what not, it is distracting and hard to pay attention to the speaking party.

While I was looking for the camcorder I suggested in this post, I ran across a cheap costing background support system. It is a lighting kit with a backdrop Photo Studio Product for portrait and video shoots. It is a must have for $70. You should shop around to meet your needs and budget, but the Kshioe kit works for me. It even comes with a travel bag!

I have been running this blog, Network Solutions 4 You, for over a year and a half. My last post about equipment for Vlogging and Podcasting earned me over 30 new subscribers to my newsletter. I now have about 73 followers of this blog. In honor of those that are looking to get into online video posts and live streaming, I created this post with a little more about why these products are a deal. As I have written in the book that I just started writing, I am all about helping people find work, work from home, and work for themselves.

As I have shared in this post, I plan on teaching online uDemy and Skillshare classes with this same equipment. I have even thought about live streaming some computer literacy classes on YouTube and Facebook to gain a ‘tribe’ of followers that will be interested in buying my courses. I hope that in telling you my future plans, that it inspires some of you to take your skills to the next level and even teach them to others to make an extra income. Have a blessed month and pray for someone to realize their blessings and abilities to help themselves and others!

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