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I apologize that I have not been on top of things and keeping the blog on a weekly schedule. I am working on getting some guess bloggers to help when I can’t do two things at once. I have been spending time trying to get my web hosting business going. My business, In the Cloud Company Web Hosting, has been up and online for about a year and I have not been advertising it. I have been spending my last two weeks getting it going and making money. I figured since I had to renew the DNS cluster and URL, I would make it to where I am getting some of that money back.

While I have the site up please take a look and see what you think. The website is and it is where you can get web hosting packages to host websites from one domain to unlimited domains. You can also get KVM, VPS, semi-dedicated, and dedicated servers SSH connections at low prices. You can get your domain name or URL on the site and even the SSL certificate. There is no limit on how much you can spend, but the great thing is, there is no limit on how much you can make! Freelance Website designers and website developers are the ones that would benefit the most from these services.

So what does it take to make money with one of the web hosting packages or virtual private servers? You first need to know how to use the website software which there are videos and support staff to handle the most difficult problems. If you are wanting to get into the business, I suggest getting to know WordPress website development because that is one of the easiest platforms we host. Even if you know Joomla, you are in luck with our hosting packages. What if you developed the website from scratch? Well you are in luck as well. You can upload your files and go live!

Maybe you have a class where you need to do a project to study SSH server connections and what you can do with them. Even if it is a full scale business set up you can do your thing with us on our semi-dedicated and dedicated servers. They sell out fast so check them out before they are gone!

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