Want to Start Vlogging or Podcasting? My Recommendations for Equipment Under a total of $200!

First I must say that when recommending these products and Amazon, I am not getting paid and have nothing to do with either. I plan on getting the same equipment to begin teaching online in the future. It may even be on this website, Network Solutions 4 You! I have not decided yet but, if you would, comment on this post and tell me would you also like to see fee based classes at reasonable prices. 

The thing about starting out as a vlogging is cost. The first product that I will mention is video and sound vlogging and can be used for podcasting for your smartphone. The Movo iVlogger for iPhone and Android is a phone kit that has a tripod and microphone with LED light to record your vlog. Currently listed at $79.95, the Movo is the cheapest way to record yourself and get started as a vlogger professional.

Now I want to show you the software for editing, live streaming, and screen sharing you should use to be a vlogger, teacher/instructor, or even create your YouTube channel. The software is a download from the company, Cyberlink. It costs $9.99 and is only for PC. I have no recommendation for MAC computers, sorry.

That is all you need to get started for just under $150. But what if you have a little more that you want to do like showing your work area and want to walk around and record without the video shaking so much. You could want to teach a while from  your recorded screen and then talk into the camera a while. That and the fact that I want to record my work area as I connect routers and switches or record fixing computers, I am getting the next shown camera. I will have to get a tripod with it but it is not a bad setup.

The camera comes with a microphone, remote control, and a handle for filming. It also comes with two batteries for an Amazon Lightning Deal of $84.14, which means it will not last long at that price!

There is one more thing I will be adding to my equipment and that is a Podcast bundle with microphone and sound board. The Alpowl BM-800 mic kit comes with all you need for a podcast. You can even bluetooth connect your phone and have callers talk on your recordings or live stream! The great thing is, that is is only $59.99

I will be purchasing everything but the vlogger iPhone/Android kit. I added all up counting the software and it was about $200! The great thing about it is that you can teach online and make $27,000 every six months, if you know how. I might give that information in another post, but for now, have a blessed week! Also I had not until today installed the database table for the contact form so if you have summited a question, please resubmit it and I will get to it soon!

Want to Start Vlogging or Podcasting? My Recommendations for Equipment Under a total of $200! Comment

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