Website Design

I designed my first website in 2009 and since then have had several Websites for books I have written. I did loose interest in those for a while and lost the websites. My SEO marketing skills has gotten my name Lavoy Allison a whole page of Google links. I designed my church a website in 2019 and redesigned it in April of 2020. The link is in my portfolio. You can see my portfolio in the downloadable files at the bottom of the page. You can also click the text next to the downloads and open the PDFs in another web browser page.

I have even spent over two thousand dollars on books about web development, digital marketing, computer repair, management and server management since 2016. I love tech reading and will keep up adding to this book cost and time studying for this field of work. I understand that if you don’t make money from your digital marketing and website I don’t have a job! I just love the work and it is more like fun or a hobby to me. But there again I have to charge to buy for all the books I have to read to stay on top of the news in the industry and field of work.

I write website and ad content as well so I can earn you more business. I work B2B (Business to Business) work where I mainly design websites, host the website and market the business for you. This is what I have studied to do so you can focus on running your business. I am still working out how to market my business and get the word out slowly because I want to make sure that I can get some good clients that I can keep a while.

My guarantee is to treat your business as my business and make you money. That is because I know that if you don’t make money from the investment you made with me, you can’t afford to keep me! I have also studied business management so feel free to ask for advice too. If I do not know what to say I will be honest and tell you. Below is my formal sales pitch for a tree service and a sales questionnaire. If you are a tree service this is what our conversation will be like. If you company is not a tree service then I can provide a personalized sales pitch for you and your business.

You can open the PDFs in another browser window by clicking the text or download them from the download links below. Fill them out to send them back to me. My contact information is on the PDF Files below! Thank you and have a Blessed Day!

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