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I love to teach and I have spent most of my time since I learn to use a computer teaching others how to use them. That is why I started this blog. I want to teach others with words and screen shots how to use computers to surf the web and make money if that is your desire.

I am in a hurry tonight but I will be writing out lessons to post on nights I am free. I just started my Cloud Web Hosting and Server Rentals company www.inthecloudcompany.com so I will be busy with that a some but I plan on using what I learn running it to teach webmasters to build and host websites to make money.

Along with this blog I designed Picture With Passion where you can pay the membership and get 85% of what you list your pictures to sell for. It is a great offer if you want to make money with photography. On the blog on Pictures With Passion you will learn how to use the site to sell your pictures.

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