What is With the Universities and Not Teaching Programming so People Understand? I’m Writing a Programming Book!

So I have been studying programming to understand it for the last four years. I Recently have gotten an old college book for writing a compiler to create executable files or programs. From reading this book I have realized what I was looking for in learning how to understand what terms you code to make the program to work. I found that colleges are taking a large leap that leaves you in the dark if they don’t teach Assembly Language. It is important and you need to know to write assembly code if you want to program faster code.

So I have decided to teach my programming skills which started with learning how to program the computer in binary and hexidecimal to create a form for the teacher to check class roll in my 3rd grade class. Yes my first program was in assembly language and never was compiled.

I even remember having to program the computer keyboard chips to store the drivers so the keyboard driver disk didn’t have to be added each time you turned it on. I remember back before the mouse on the PC. I also remember programming the mouse driver and printer too. Did you know that when the personal computer came out you had to load the drivers each time you started it and the Operating System too?

While the book I am making notes to write will not be a memoir I will explain my experience and what kept me from understanding programming sooner in life. I didn’t get to get on a computer to program for twenty years and the programming languages were so advanced I didn’t know how to learn them. That has changed. Know this, even though I have had to learn to read, write, and talk again when I was nineteen where I have forgotten many things in life but I am on top of things as far as remembering. So I think I am going to create a great programming guide for you to add to your arsenal.

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