What You Can Do With Administrative Privileges on Computers. Protecting and Monitoring Your Computer, Family and Network!

If you are reading this blog post then you must need more protection for your computer, family, and network. Whether you are a parent or Network Administrator you will need to know how to protect your network. Kids, (and some adults), have this sense of self destruction that leads them to danger in many cases. People are always trying to do what they are told not to do on a computer. That is when you use Administrative rights to set up a restricted User Account on your computer for others to use.

While it is possible to set the same protection on other computer operating systems, I was mainly taught and understand the Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI). So, with that in mind, the Windows GUI is what I am going to talk about. I have an Ubuntu 16.01 version book to teach you Linux from, but that will be in another post. If you have been following my blog, then you know I am in a group home where we have limited use of the computer. That is what gave me the idea to write this blog post.

Take for an instant, I cannot reach the documents folder. So I can’t upload screenshots and pictures to this blog post. You have to be able to reach the Documents, Pictures, and Download Folders to add pictures to a blog, social media, or share pictures on the computer. I have a Gmail Account that I use Google Docs to prepare by posts since I can’t access the Word Processing documents once saved. If you have a problem with a child sharing pictures they shouldn’t or an employee that you are trying to stop from downloading and uploading pictures while at work, you can!

Maybe you thought that I was just bad at Search Engine Optimization (SEO), because I never use pictures with the blog posts I create. No, I am barred from doing so! “How do I do that?” , you ask? Simple you create an Administrator account on the computer and use that account to set up and restrict the user account for your child or employee. Don’t feel like you know enough to try it? Cool, hire a Computer Technician that understands and knows what to do. If you want you can even restrict use to the USB ports not used by the mouse and keyboard. No sharing or copying files then.

The computer that I am using has Right Click disabled as well. It is supposed to keep us from saving pictures off the internet and to keep me from using Autodesk Fusion 360 which is able to bypass administrative settings and be downloaded. While you can set a user account to deny installing downloaded software and other files, Fusion 360 can be installed anyway. So they stopped me by disabling Right Click functions, which is used a lot in 3D modeling software.

So if you think a restricted User Account is something you need for a public computer you offer, a child, or an employee, then you can type in “how to create a restricted user account in windows 10,” and follow the instructions. In the next post I will try to dig out my Windows 10 Administration Certification book and teach you more. As I have said, I will not be able to show screenshots and upload pictures to help explain, but I will do my best!

What You Can Do With Administrative Privileges on Computers. Protecting and Monitoring Your Computer, Family and Network! Comment

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