When You Got Into Technology, What Did You Think You Would Be Spending Your Spare Time Doing?

I have wrote some in my blog posts about my endeavors in Technology from a child. I wrote word processing programs that did billing for my foster parents at there shop when I was ten. I set my high school friends on the course to develop their own program that is now known as a spreadsheet when I was twelve or thirteen. At the age of 17 for my ASVAB computer design section, I gave a key factor that helped develop the internet by helping write the first router program.

Sadly I never owned my own computer until I was 34. After owning my computer for two weeks, I decided to enroll in ITT-Tech to earn a trade in computer science. Within a month Microsoft Windows Vista came out and had failed. With my study of a Windows XP computer Operating System and a Windows Vista that I had borrowed, I discovered that the current Internet servers and routers could not understand the programming of the Vista Operating System and called Microsoft to tell them the solution.

Needless to say I was kicked out of ITT-Tech and another college for trying to change and improve the education. My work for the government to stiffen laws on hacking and higher demands for a better college education caused many problems for me. I decided to stay with my studies even after maxing out my loans and having to quit college before getting a degree.

That lead me to Titans of CNC Academy where I have to give a shout out to Titan Gilroy for teaching CNC- Computer Aided Drawing (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) and more for FREE. There is talk on his website of a course that offers a certificate of completion maybe for a small price. But it will be worth it.

It is the first free online course that teaches skills needed to get into any field that makes over $20 an hour. As I have said before, I can create websites and I learn that on my own. I am still interested and learning computer administration skills but mainly to run OctoPrint to manage my 3D printer farm in the future. Thanks to Titan Gilroy and his academy I have skills that I can design things to 3d Print and even rent out my 3D printer by offering to print for other people. And yes, I plan to get a desktop CNC machine as well. I found a small 4 axis CNC desktop machine on eBay for about $524.

You may be asking, “How are you going to make money with that?” Well, I can study on my own time and improve my skills and if need be, I will use that as my portfolio with Titans of CNC Academy to get a job in the field of CAD and CAM design. Why did I get away from Server Administration and get into CAD and CAM? Well I have to have work experience to get a job as a server administrator even with a hard to earn certificate. Thanks to cheap 3D printers, CNC machines, and Titans of CNC Academy I can learn skills that can get me in the door.

So if you are working on a computer technology degree and can’t see a future in your studies, you may want to change that course asap. You can ask many people that have technology degrees what they plan on doing and it is, ” I don’t know,” or “I can’t get a job”. In The United States of America Computer science degrees cost more than a house and sometimes a car too.

Some of you that subscribed to my mailing list know that I tell people to not go to college out of state, start your studies in high school if not before, and MAKE sure you can handle the work. I am still working for the government and my case study has me writing the government demanding that middle schools and high schools teach courses that use the skills in many technology fields to inform students what is out there and what it takes to get the jobs they are looking for.

To close, Where did you find yourself in the mix of computer science? Still interested? Actually working at what you love? Or, are you lost looking for hope? If you haven’t gotten too far in your studies or have not started your higher education, then ask around, watch YouTube videos, or get a book on what you think you would like to be in the professional world. Never go into a field that you can’t grasp or you can’t get interested in. You will regret it when you find that cool job you need more education to get but can’t because you used up your funding.

If you have went too far to turn back in your education and/or maxed out your funding, then I feel for you. Pray and find hope in the future by self help books and YouTube. It is never too late to find your calling in the professional world, it is just beyond the trees waiting to be found. If the free Autodesk Fusion 360 and Titans of CNC Academy is not your thing then find your thing and never give up! For all those in a field they love, please shine some light on future IT techs as to what it takes and inspire someone to make the wise and right choice for them.

My spare time, after getting into technology has been trying to improve education for others and myself. I want you to know that I have spend $2500 on books in web development, computer administration, Computer Aided Design, CNC operating and 3D Printing. When you get into Technology you are never going to be done learning and that is a fact! Not if you want a job and to keep that job anyway.

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