Why does Internet, Cable, and Phone Cost so Much? We Have Been Scammed!

In light of the Nashville, TN AT&T bombing that disrupted internet and phone services there needs to be new guidelines and standards for any phone/internet service and/or provider started from this date forward. There must be a safety zone around any building or structure housing or built to house communications hardware for security purposes. This bombing proved how weak our communications are and also shows that the bomber had inside information to know where to park and do the most damage.

I see that the phone companies and Internet Service Providers are still on the weak topologies like the Bus, Ring, Star, and Tree topologies. Honestly I couldn’t figure out why they are, or were, teaching these weak topologies until I realized that the ISPs are still using them for the WANs and communication grids. The best thing they can do is continue setting up the communication grid coverage as a mesh and develop a shared billing network where if one ISP goes down, the customer is picked up by a different datacenter or ISP to keep them serviced. By using the same technology as the Cloud Datacenters, phone companies and ISPs can transfer their services (Connection records and numbers/IP Addresses assigned) to a different datacenter when a center is damaged or goes down. It would be like a Cloud web service to prevent communication failure.

After doing a break down of the RJ-45 internet jack wiring and the frequencies each ISP service wire transmits, I see a cheaper more secure way to provide internet. I will explain but you have to look up the exact frequency ranges yourself because truly they are not important to understand the theory. The phone companies and ISPs I have studied overuse and misuse cables, much of their education comes from these outdated topologies like Bus, Star, Ring, and Tree. Their computers may be still designed this way( but shouldn’t be) but they have designed the network as if they need a different wire for each computer and phone. That is not so if you look at the fact that some ISPs offer Cable TV, internet, and phone on the same line going from the house to the communication grid.

Coaxial cable TV uses the frequencies 40-550 MHz split into 6MHz bands that supply over sixty TV channels. Coaxial cable carries frequencies from 600-2000 Hz. The phones use a different frequency that the Cable TV and the Internet uses frequencies other than those used by the Phones and the TV. The 802.11Hz frequency we use for WiFi was told to me, when a man was setting up Satellite TV and internet in 1995, to be unusable because all the frequencies blend in this range. I was standing with the device pointed at the satellite and said so I can use this frequency to have wireless internet and TV? WiFi was born from that thought. Did you know that you can find an unused frequency in the blend range that goes up to 900 or something like that where you can program chips to have a silent military internet which would work on landline or satellite.

What I am getting too is this, You don’t need four runs of Fiber Optics on the telephone poles or four wire cables either. We are being told lies to make the patent holders and the lobbyist more money. What the hell are they doing anyway? They are charging people for technology they don’t know how to use. Just like dial up one cable can run the communications lines just fine. It is the hardware that does the routing that needs to improve like switches and routers. They need more RAM, Processing power, and hard drive space could be of use. ISPs have it to where they are where the transactions take place. When I set up my first ISP service for testing purposes in 1994 I hosted the service with one computer that stored the routing information for four computers counting the one I was using.

The ISPs route their customers’ connections through them so that they are in power to charge for internet. Hence the shared billing network plans for data center ISPs. That way they will agree to share the mesh communication grid. Emails and internet traffic will travel the shortest distance even if it leaves the ISP’s coverage zone without going through the ISP building. This will be a true mesh network with minimal downtime and still have coverage for customers at ISPs that do go down. By developing switches and routers with more RAM, CPU power, hard drives and better software to route internet traffic while storing mac and IP address numbers we can save the space and need for large ISPs buildings that route the internet traffic.

Summary: Pass laws that communications centers like phone and internet buildings and structures have a minimal safety zone distance around the structure with fencing where there is at least 100ft of room between the building and the fence. Pass laws that continue the completion of the mesh topology in the communications grid. Create and mandate laws that protect communication companies that if they go down while members of the Shared Network Billing plan, they will be returned their customers and income. This will help them see that the government will protect them when they join the ‘union’. Create the Cloud based ISPs and Phone communications needed to keep communications going when a provider’s services go down. Also pass laws that prevent the waste of Fiber Optics and cabling which the customers are having to pay the bill on. That is all of us paying for the misuse and overuse of wiring and fiber optics.

Thank you for reading this and listening to my knowledge on the subject. I hope that you agree that the cost of phone and internet as well as cable TV is way too much especially during these times of Covid. If the country was to shut down again and small businesses go under those people need internet, phone and cable TV to go to school, the doctor, and know what is happening today and tomorrow. The three services Internet, Phone, and cable TV, being as old as the services are and the Covid crisis, should not run more than $35 a month. That is aiming high with the price to not sound too unreal. I don’t know who you have to talk to at the C.I.A. office, but I helped develop the Internet and because of the fact that I prayed to come up with the internet to run the criminal database to serve the government I am unknown for all that I have invented, done to serve the government and my community as said for my safety. Please pass these laws and prevent misuse of materials and over charging customers through the scam that is happening now.

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