Working on a new Compiler from Scratch to improve Programming skills! Looking into how to prevent lack of service due to Phone Company failure. Why? Because that is what Geeks do!?!

I have recently bought some books from at a great price! I do recommend looking at their new and used sections. No affiliation with them.

I am working on remembering the first programs I wrote at the age of nine or ten. I am now Forty-four so that is hard without seeing some of the keywords that I used to start with like GOTO. I remember back in the 1980s taking a computer and trying to copy the software from the phone company to host my own phone line. Note I got caught and the results are not worth it nor is it as easy these days. Needless to say I didn’t earn a computer for myself or a job at the phone company.

Anyway, I was learning programming from an old AT&T communications book and wrote a program that allowed me access to see the local phone companies numbers and transfer the software to my computer. Looking at the fact that the bombing in Nashville, TN has brought the 911, some landlines, and some internet to failure I put my two sense into the C.I.A. internet contact page. Why? That is what you do when you are a geek with time to kill! You would too if you love your country and peace like I do.

Before the bombing I was working on reading on some books I got like “Crafting a compiler with C” and Assembly language. I am also studying COBOL, PASCAL, and Fortran programming languages. Why? Because I want to see how to write a compiler that understands what I want it to do!?! Kidding. I need to prove my abilities to the people that I am trying to work for and prove that I know what I am talking about.

When other people take credit for your work it not only hurts but it makes you look like a liar when you say things like “I gave Microsoft the idea for code that fixed the Vista Operating System and how to program the Windows 10 platform.” The virtual assistant Cortana was also my idea. I bought a copy of the software and was reimbursed for it when they took my notes and everything from my computer. Call me crazy or a liar but I am cool with that. I won’t be if the C.I.A. doesn’t reimburse me for everything I lost but anyway.

Now if you want to know about programming, start with reading books on machine and assembly language. Possibly even a book on crafting a compiler like I am. I took college classes from Network Administration and felt my education from the online colleges was lacking. I failed my first programming language Java and even HTML/CSS for Web development. Why? Because they want to rush through things from the beginning without telling you how to understand the compiler.

The compiler is what turns your code into an executable file so your program does what you want it too. Why do colleges rush through and not give you a heads up before you take the classes that you need to know all kinds of things to be up to speed? They just want your money. If you want to be a programmer then learn compilers, machine language and Assembly language before you even sign up for college classes. You might be better off doing a coding boot camp honestly.

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